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We do any type of fabrications from Hy Design Steel Sheets.Our USP is that we can supply from single piece to “N” number of pieces.

Thickness and specification:

  • Hy-design sheets comes in different wooden,stone patterns and beautiful colours
  • These sheets are rust proof
  • Thickness comes from- 0.35mm -1.5mm
  • They come with a protective film on them
  • Life span of these sheets is minimum 10-12 years
  • Any type of fabrication can be done on these sheets
The size of the sheets are 8ft * 4ft and these sheets can be customized if taken in bulk quantity.

Application of Hy-Design Sheets :

The Hy-Design sheets can be used and applied in

  • Modular Kitchens
  • Elevators
  • Photo Frames, dustbins, mouse pads etc.
  • Interiors and exteriors
  • Residential Gates and Number Plates
  • Wall cladding
  • Ceilings
  • Commercial & Residential elevation


Hy design steel sheets are very unique solution for wall cladding and ceilings. These sheets are a good substitute for stainless steel and wood. It’s because of the wooden patterns and different designs it is competitive to other products. Once these sheets are applied it’s difficult to judge that it’s wood or steel. It serves the purpose of longevity of life span than wood and its rust free character adds another feather to its cap.


Hy-design steel sheets are a very distinctive solution for front panel boards and facades. These sheets are a good substitute of HPL and ACP sheets. As for exteriors these sheets can be applied on the outside area giving a wooden texture feeling. Also, we have introduced planks made up of Hy-design steel sheets which are something very innovative in nature. These planks are totally weather proof. Planks can be customised according to customer needs as well.