Hy -design steel dustbins is an innovative concept of our company. These have been introduced recently with very eye-catching and irresistible wooden designs. These bins can be used in households and as well as offices adding to an exclusive look without being heavy on your pockets. They are a good substitute for plastic bins which is not environment friendly. With zero breakage quality they can be used for multiple purposes also.

Metal Hyde is continuously evolving keeping in view many new areas for the utility of hy-design colour coated sheets. Company’s vision is a performance culture committed to aspiration targets, continuous improvement, openness and transparency.

Ferrohyde, leading a top brand manufacturer of Dustbins and Mousepads in Delhi, serving since 5 decades in this Industry. Recently an upgraded version has been added up. We manufacture the steel bins giving them an attractive wooden look, so it becomes eye-catching and lucrative.

Say bye bye to the plastic bins, and welcome the environment-friendly bins for your home, offices, gardens, kitchen etc. These upgraded bins are pocket-friendly. With zero breakage quality, they can be utilized for numerous reasons too. They are a decent substitute for plastic bins which isn’t surrounding-pleasant.

Among various types of dustbins, steel dustbins gain immense popularity nowadays. You can find them at malls, railway stations, hotels, motels  & restaurants, and airports. They are stylish, supreme quality, durable and easy to clean.

We all are well aware about the Green India Clean India concept, which stated the new rule of waste management-separate bins for different kinds of wastes. When you dwell at a place, the most important aspect you do is too clean it properly to get the ideal environment around your residence wherein you could feel comfortable and soothing enough to stay. Keeping your atmosphere smooth is the primary necessity of people to remain wholesome and shield themselves from various styles of germs and illnesses which get produced because of the bad and unhygienic environment. When the nation have walked towards the path of Green future, so it’s our duty to keep our surroundings clean. Therefore it is important for everybody to hold their surroundings smooth and hygienic to stay a healthful life.

Big corporate offices, schools, institutions, homes, hospitals, etc… look for a good quality bin, and we being one of the best provider, keep a check on the materials used and appreciate the environment-friendly techniques.

Our offered Steel Dustbins is highly acclaimed by the clients owing to its contemporary design, fine finish, corrosion & scratch resistance and ability to withstand high temperature, to meet with our clients requirements.