Metal Hy-De Fab with the brand name Ferrohyde has come up with coasters which are a great way to protect your table surfaces from stains.

Tea and coffee glasses kept often cause stains which are difficult to remove.Where coasters help to a great extent.They keep the stains at bay and help maintaining the finish of the wooden table.
They can be used as a cover for the glasses and would also save your liquids and empty glasses from dirt and dust in the air.Keeping the thing safe to drink.

Ferrohyde has introduced wooden look steel coasters apt to be kept anywhere be it the bedside table,centre table or your dining table.

It merges with your wooden setting of the ambience giving it a classy look.

Made of steel the feel of wood.
The coasters themselves are really easy to clean if dirty can be wiped with a wet cloth.
They last longer with strong durability and are rust proof and scratch resistant.

They come in a 6 pieces set with an eloquent stand to stack them.
They have a great finish and are handy enough to be carried and kept at any small place.

These coasters are a unique steel product by Ferrohyde which would help you to maintain the shine and finish of your glass and wooden surfaces.They can be used in offices and households and also serve the good pupose of corporate gifting.