About Us

With the growing industrial demands iron and steel sector has taken a plunge into a more organised sector in the past few decades. The tremendous growth of economy in the field of iron and steel has made its mark, and it has been continuously evolving, making it able to cope up with more future challenges in the steel sector.

With an experience for past 5 decades in the steel sector Metal Hy-de fab has been working on the segment of Hy design steel sheets from past 2 years. Metal Hy-De Fab has been incorporated to cater the demands of iron and steel in industrial and household sector as well.

With the passing of time, the trends have been changing as the demand from the consumer is rapidly changing. More and more preference has been given to the presentation of the product in the steel sector.

To meet the requisite, Metal Hy-De Fab has introduced the hy-design steel sheets which come in different patterns and beautiful colours. The patterns and designs of sheets, the company put forward are of very vivid and novel nature. With the bright and colourful lustre these sheets come with a lamination, and the rustproof and scratch free trait of the sheets for the minimum period of ten years is what makes them different from the rest. These sheets can also be customised according to consumer needs. The ability of these sheets to substitute stainless steel is something that has come across widely, with the entrepreneurs. These sheets are continuously being used in the fabrication sector, be it for industrial or for household usage. As for the innovation in steel sector, we have meticulously used these sheets in the making of modular kitchens and steel cabinets. These sheets can be purchased in bulk or even a single sheet order can be entertained through the company.