On the threshold of development steel in any modern economy is considered to be the backbone of human civilization. It acts as a benchmark and the index of socio economic development of any country.

While steel continues to have a strong hold in the traditional sectors like household, construction, transportation, aviation, engineering, automobiles, pipes and tubes.

The new age steel is taking a diversification of steel in unconventional sectors making it more visible in interior and exterior households and offices like wall cladding, interior designing and  facades, It’s a unique and different application for the household and commercial usage. Ferrohyde has brought a new concept of planks made out of hy-design steel sheets which can be a turnaround in facades.

With Ferrohyde, product based steel is achieving its significance in the form of high end products like dustbins, mousepads and cardholders with many new areas still unexplored.

Ferrohyde, has taken a thrust in the manufacturing of steel products with hy- design steel sheets forthcoming in various beautiful designs and colours giving you a wooden touch feeling with unique wooden patterns. The rust free and longevity of the hy-design steel sheets adds another feature to the product.

With time ferrohyde will persist to evolve as an organisation providing diverse products to everyone with distinctiveness at its best.